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August 7, 2019

Express Window Films dealer program goes live in Oceania

They might have specialized in window film distribution across the globe since 1982, however Express Window Films in partnership with distribution facilities in Australia and Singapore has launched a premium dealer program to be rolled out in Australia and New Zealand.

With 10 long established and experienced window film dealers already switching to the Express Premium range throughout Australia, the program is proving to be a great recipe for success given the products and dealers are hand selected from the finest available.

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With the involvement of some of the most experienced minds in the window film industry joining forces to develop the program and marketing materials over a period of almost 12 months, the results have seen some of the very best sales and marketing materials produced to compliment arguably the best range of window films ever assembled.

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Since 1982, Express Window Films has served over 20,000 dealers across over 200 nations. They have built a reputation for industries best customer service and support, and through research and development is now distributing the world’s leading window film products that have a focus on quality, usability and longevity. We’re excited to see the growth of these Premium brands throughout Oceania and into SE Asia.

Glass Tinting Supplies Pty Ltd trade representative Michael Miller explains the benefits behind the Express Premium program.. “The driving force behind the development of the Premium Dealer program was our loyal and cherished dealers. As our brands grew in Australia, so did the need to offer protected territories to our dealers that had been a major part of that growth. We have enjoyed an incredible relationship with our supplier partner Express Window Films and when the decision was made to develop a product range in partnership with Express it was the perfect fit. We now have something very special that we can offer exclusively to our closest dealer partners, and continue to help them grow as they rightfully deserve.”

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